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My name is Marek and I do deep learning for cancer risk prediction. My main interests are in (stochastic) optimization and representational learning with applications in classification and segmentation. I often read about generative AI as well. Also check out the website of the AI for Oncology group I’m part of at the Netherlands Cancer Institute:


If you have any interest or ideas relating to my work or my interests feel free to reach out to me.

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My main work is in Python, specifically Pytorch. I’m learning the ropes of becoming an admin on our huge (Linux-based, duh) GPU cluster. I have been speaking Dutch for the past ~26 years and speak some English and German as well. My Duolingo streak on Italian is 19 days at the moment of writing. My professional experience included a few internships and part-time jobs as a deep learning engineer at a start-up, quantitative financial researcher at a pension fund, and a mathematics tutor for high school students. Maybe if I am determined enough to figure out how to upload a real CV here, I will do it, but at the moment I’m not. Feel free to request it though.


When What and Where Specifics
2022 - present PhD student at The Netherlands Cancer Institute and Leiden University. Using deep learning on histology scans to do risk prediction in ductal carcinoma in situ.
2020 - 2022 MSc Applied Mathematics at Delft University of Technology. Specifically focusing on numerical mathematics.
2019 - 2021 MSc Econometrics: Quantitative Finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam.  
2016 - 2019 BSc Econometrics and Operations Research at Erasmus University Rotterdam.  

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In my free time I’m an avid cyclist, mountainbiker, and runner. I also like to visit the mountains (although we do not have those in The Netherlands) to climb, hike, and ski. When I’m sitting down I like to read books about economics and sometimes try to learn some extra mathematics by reading math textbooks. I used to live in Rotterdam, now I live in Utrecht.